VivaLaData, Where have you been all my life?

I started out working full-time as one of the first webmasters at the University of Minnesota in 1994. I started freelancing on the side, trading my first job for a Quadra computer. In the Summer of 1996 I was flown out to Apple headquarters in Cupertino where I presented a hands-on course to Apple employees on how to put Filemaker on the web during their Apple WebEdge conference. I was also paid for several articles published in trade magazines, and my solutions were included on the CDs of several software companies.

In 1996, I relocated to Connecticut and began free-lancing full-time, occasionally commuting to New York City to meet with clients or lead hands-on courses. My clients have included global publishers, advertisers, an accounting firm, fashion designer, non-profits, a lawyer, realtors, financiers, manufacturers, retailers, a utility company, hospital, educational and government institutions.

In 2000, I settled in Woodstock, New York, continuing to commute to the city and picking up a few local clients including artists, photographers, religious retreats, restaurants, a farm stand, and the Woodstock Film Festival where we coordinated online and box office ticket sales with tickets printed on demand. At the Namse Bangdzo Bookstore at the top of Overlook Mountain, we used a bar code font to generate labels for their inventory. At Kaz, Inc. we managed product issues and consumer calls in a Filemaker database that interfaced with the UPS Worldship system to track shipping. I also worked with Earthcare Technologies to implement a touch screen war memorial at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

In 2009, I moved to Glens Falls. I work mainly from home for many clients whom I have supported for years. I continue to accept new clients. Recent additions include Grow and Behold with a system that manages their website, shopping cart, FedEx shipments, online account management for customers, inventory, coupons, and customized customer emails. The Berklee School of Music in Boston uses a system I constructed with Filemaker to manage their course and program changes.