Scalable, Flexible Solutions

for an Ever-Changing World

Make the most of your resources with a solution designed to meet your needs.

"Within 24 hours you had the preliminary work done...and it was usable...., whereas another FM programmer I had dealt with before learning about you worked close to 2 months without success. You amaze me..." - Ernie of HSS

"The Computer Arts group here is ranting and raving about how great the scripts are that you wrote. It saves us so much time and effort. " - David Westfall, Tiffany & Co.

"Your script...saved us much more time and money than what we paid to have it made." - Richard Pavonarius of APICNET in Japan

Solutions include:
  • Custom Websites and Shopping Carts such as Grow and Behold, Isaac Abrams, and Crannell Electric.
  • Filemaker and MySQL Databases such as ByFriday, a Filemaker based billing system. Sync Filemaker to your mobile - even Droids with Cellica!
  • Secure Credit Card Transactions through Paypal, Skipjack, and, or the secure interface of your choice.
  • Process Automation to eliminate double data-entry. Remove the tedium and chance for errors from repetitive tasks.
  • Update your customer or contact mailing lists via Melissa Data.
  • Data Cleanup, Analysis, Reports. Ensure your data is uniform, complete. Spot trends showing where to focus your efforts for the biggest rewards.
  • Work Flow Organization using Filemaker to coordinate your team.