I am on a mission...

...to give you back your weekends.
...restore time with your loved ones.
...reduce the stress in your life.
...and maximize your rewards!

Are you spending time on the weekends doing double data entry, copying and pasting contact or billing information, or manually adding things up? How many times do you find yourself writing down the same information - first on your calendar, then on an invoice after you've completed the job? This type of double data entry takes twice as much time and doubles the chance for errors. With the right system, such tasks can be done automatically, even set to be completed on a timer so you can spend less time in front of your computer and more time doing what you love.

Do you find yourself doing things that follow a pattern? Download the graphic, resize the graphic, upload the graphic. Don't waste your time doing work the computer can do for you. A script can automate such tasks, watching served directories or incoming email for new files or data, then applying a formula to process the files as required. If you can describe the pattern, a program can be written to automate production. You can even send photos from your smartphone that will be resized and applied to the web page you specify through an email - empowering tools for realtors and reporters!